rhiannonhero (rhiannonhero) wrote in soapoperas,

Jello, or You're the Only One Like 'God Only Knows'

Fandom: As the World Turns
Title: Jello, or You're the Only One Like 'God Only Knows'
Author: Rhiannonhero
Beta: Jed, [info]_alicesprings, [info]peggin, [info]amelialourdes
Artist: [info]amelialourdes
Rating: Up to NC-17
Word Count: 61,100


Luke: You know, that's weird -- I seem to remember another surgeon who was an arrogant self-proclaimed savior of mankind.
Reid: Yeah...I wonder what happened to him?

Let's find out.

A/N: I started this story almost a year ago now, and decided that the Big Bang challenge would give me what I needed to get it done. I learned a lot of things writing this story, but I'll spare you all of that for now. Many thanks to Alice who has been a huge help, as always, along the way. Many thanks to Aimee who loved it so much she made icons back when it was just a wee-thing! <3 Many thanks to Jed who reads all kinds of nonsense because she loves me. Many thanks to Peggin for the always wonderful input and help!

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