Are there any Chicago-based entertainment journalists that I can completely trust?

Hi, soapoperas. I'm cassiehicks89, 46 years old, and currently unemployed, yet will get a job really soon. What I want to post is that I'm looking for a Chicago-based entertainment journalist, who, not only interviews me about my three topics,(that have a lot to do with soap opera stars and music) but also knows the studio locations of ALL kinds of soaps-daytime, primetime, Web, so that I can come up with a record label to partner up with a soap, or more, as long as they're in the same state. I'd love to see many multitalented soap opera actresses and actors to sign a record deal, so that they can be heard on radio, make millions of records, and shoot music videos. Also, I'd like to find someone who's also an event planner and knows ALL of my favorite singers' managers/spokespeople, so that most of them can become musical guests for my # 1 favorite soap, "All My Children"(that may return to ABC-Disney, come next year.) I'd like to have a legacy character, or new, to sing duets with those people when they hit the stage of the Chandler Media gala, which was held at the Miranda Center in Pine Valley. Also, I'm looking for that someone who can make phone calls to places that are NOT in Chicago, while I can sporadically make phone calls to places that are. If you know that person, great, If not, then I'll post somewhere else I think is classy, until someone comments under my post. Speaking of that, please feel free to do so, when I get done posting this. Thank you and God bless.:)
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ATWT: Announcing Luke Snyder Marathon!!!

We'd like to invite everyone to join us for a very fun time!





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We're hosting a Luke Snyder Marathon beginning with Luke's birth and continuing on through his coming out story. We'll be watching and discussing clips including Luke's Malta kidnapping, his kidney transplant, and his entire coming out story! Come join us to relive the memories or watch for the first time!

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Days of Our Lives: Will & Sonny

We resisted checking out Will and Sonny on Days for four whole hours yesterday. God help me, they're lovely! We enjoyed Freddie Smith on 902010 where he got his gay training, and the guy who plays Will Horton is adorable. We're not made of anything resembling stone here, people!

We know the gay ships usually end badly (We think hit by a train and paralyzed, and then getting your boyfriend to help you kill yourself is currently winning), but we're optimistic because both Will and Sonny are legacy characters and deeply involved with community members. Days could actually be the American soap that does it right.



We're just getting the comm up and running, so it'll be much prettier in the near future. But in the meantime, come on over and join if you're interested in getting to know Will and Sonny! They are both v.v. pretty boys. We'll be hosting live watches and all that fun fandom neat stuff.


Hi there, pretty boys. Please to be kissing (and not dying tragically, oh, God, please) soon!!



JOIN will_sonny AND PLAY WITH US!!!!


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Join genoa_city_yr today!
As most Young and the Restless communities are dying, this comm is dedicated to all things Y&R and will be maintained aggressively - with new competitions, discussions, polls, and posts occurring frequently!

(genoa_city_yr is looking for a co-maintainer, someone with photoshop abilities, and someone with HTML knowledge - if you are interested in any of these positions apply here after joining)

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Todd's Execution Montage Song

Hey, just got word on the song that was used in Todd's execution montage -- it's called "Forsaken (Todd's Song)" and it's by the awesome Michal Towber. She's recently said that the song is not currently commercially available.

HOWEVER -- if ABC gets enough clamor for it to be released, it very well may be in the near future! So if you love that song and just have to have it (I know I do, and I know a ton of you showed an interest) then PLEASE write in and say how much you loved it!

Here is a link to a video of the montage if you'd like to see/hear it again. And of course, feel free to e-mail me or Michal herself if you have any questions (and I'm sure Michal would love to hear that you love her song as well :))

Here's how soap mail/feedback tends to work. Short and to-the-point mail takes priority over mail that goes on and on forever -- so keep it concise. It's always a good idea to be positive -- don't do anything "RELEASE THAT SONG OR ELSE!" Make it easy on them -- mention the name of the song, the artist, and that it aired during Todd's execution on May 29, 2006 on One Life to Live. Multiple emails and snail mail always goes far :) Phone calls count the most (you just leave a voicemail), then snail mail, and then emails.

Feel free to send multiple copies of the same letter to any and all of the following:

Contact Info Here...Collapse )

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New Community

I've created a community called spanish_gossip. In the community I post about the going ones in the Latin American industry. I will also post Recaps of Telenovelas if people want me to.

I created a poll so if you can please take it. :)

I'm looking for affiliates if anyone wants to affiliate please tell me!

(no subject) : Days Of Our Lives RPG : The mod

Wanted: Hope Brady, Kimberly Donovan, Shane Donovan, Billie Reed, Eve Donovan, Philip Kiriakis, Shawn D Brady, Lucas Roberts, Nicole Walker, Frankie Brady, Carly Manning, Jack Deveraux, Anyone Else!